The Franchise Lifecycle


Accelerate Your Franchise Business Now !

My Franchise Lifecycle Coaching Program will help you maximize your success as a franchisee.

Want to leverage the experience of a 30+ year franchise industry expert?

I've owned and operated as a franchisee multiple units and brands, and been a franchisor several times. 

Whether you're just starting your business, or are a veteran, I'll help you identify the next steps you can take to achieve your highest levels of success, FAST!

Are You Feeling Stuck or Frustrated in Your Franchise Business?

You made the investment, things started well and now you aren’t sure what went wrong?

Perhaps you're struggling to grow your business?

Feeling frustrated as a Franchisee?

Feeling like the fees you're paying aren't worth the value received?

Not sure what to do to get back on track?

Feeling embarrassed by your situation?

Feeling ashamed of having made a bad choice, or bad decisions, or heading to failure?


If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone....


I've been there too - and was able work through my challenges

and get my franchisee business back on track,

and achieve high levels of success and awards and recognition, multiple times.


I have helped hundreds of franchisees in dozens of brands

get clarity and make progress and improve results.

Now I want to share my experience and do the same for you.

An Accelerator For Your Franchise Business

INCLUDES: 4-Part Video Series Program AND
One to One 60 Minute Coaching Call

4 Phases of the Franchise Lifecycle

How, what and why choices matter at the 4 different phases of your franchise business.

Keys to Success

Carry forward from one to the next, at each phase, AND learn what you need to know, choose and DO to accelerate your business and improve results FAST! I will help you move ahead, reduce drama, build confidence and MORE!

JF with IFA awards awards
JF with 2 PostNet awards

Avoiding Failure Points

My program will help you AVOID the common mistakes made by franchisees, and help you navigate the growth and changes that happen. You'll know what to look for in advance, and see the choices to be made - big advantage.

Maximizing Your Growth

Action items you can take right now to grow your business and reach franchisee success. 

PLUS included is a scheduled one hour personal coaching call is personal, one on one,  specific to you.

I'll help you see meaningful ACTION as next steps for impact and future growth - all to get you moving forward NOW!

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Together, We Will Take Your Business To The Next Level !

Who Am I?

I am John Francis, given the nickname "Johnny Franchise" years ago, and have been in the franchise industry for 30 + years. I have been a franchisor and franchisee multiple times, with multiple brands, and have helped dozens of franchise brands and hundreds of franchisee owners. I am an award-winning recognized professional franchise industry consultant, strategic advisor, and keynote speaker, known for level-headed expertise and a straightforward approach to my work. 


What's Included in the Franchise Lifecycle "Express"

✅ Access to ALL videos at one time to accelerate your learning, FAST

✅ Ability to move at your own pace through all the materials , take time as you like

✅ Brief surveys at the end of each of the 4 phase videos, to clarify your learning and understanding

✅ One 60 minute personal call one on one with John at the end of the course, to be scheduled

✅  Discuss and share ideas with John to find your track to success, understand and know what to do next

✅  Accelerate what you need to know, choose and TAKE ACTION to improve results and grow your business

✅  ALL backed by 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, no risk, no pressure - just great advice!!

Get It Today, For Only $575

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You can UPGRADE to the "Full" Program!

If you are ready to integrate more time and added calls into the program, then join our complete "Full" Franchise Lifecycle Program. 

This optional UPGRADE to the program takes you through each video, each followed by a 15 minute personal phone call with John, allowing you to process and understand each phase deeper and its impact for you.

✅ One 15 minute personal call after each of the 4 videos in the course with John, to be scheduled

✅ A deeper understanding of how to grow your business at each phase, and how it applies to YOU

✅ Analysis of how the materials apply to your specific situation and circumstances, more clarity for YOU

✅ Make plans to change and grow, know what and why and how your choices will impact results NOW

✅ Get one-on-one personal coaching along the way through the process AND at the end, combined

✅ Share your process of growth with each phase, with deeper understanding and careful consideration

✅  ALL backed by 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, no risk, no pressure - just great advice!!

Yours, for only $800


UPGRADE to "Full" Program Now!

Jason testimonial


"We have gained an amazing wealth of knowledge and connections from Johnny Franchise. I know of no one who has a better track record with big and small concepts, more experience on all sides of business, or is more connected in the industry than him. Could not think more highly of the man."


Jason Van Heirden



"As a successful company that is relatively new in the franchising world, we consider ourselves so fortunate to have found John Franchise to tap into his wealth of information and experience. When confronted with an unfamiliar situation, I often find myself thinking, "What would John Francis do?" I trust his opinion and decision-making in every facet of franchising implicity. 

Jamie Dillon

VP Marketing, Lunchbox Wax



"John has twice recently been a featured speaker of our events, which targeted a franchisee audience - specifically, helping them strengthen their personal businesses and networks while building a better relationship with their franchisor. The content John discussed made a definite impact on the franchisee in attendance. Many cited his presentation (and specific segments of it) as being revelatory, whether as new ideas for improving their own business or as reassurance that the issues they've encountered are not unique to them and can be overcome."

Eric Stites

CEO & Managing Director, Franchise Business Review


To make your purchasing decision easier, we are proud to offer a 30 - day, unconditional money-back guarantee! If you are not completely, 100% satisfied with this program for any reason, email me within 30 days for a refund.

No worries! No hassles!  

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