Take Your Franchise to the Next Level

Enroll in Johnny Franchise’s 4-part, video-based program and see what mistakes to avoid and which decisions will get you through every phase of the Franchise Lifecycle.

Franchise Lifecycle ProgrGraphic representing the Franchise Lifecycle with the Toddler, Teenager, Adult, and Legacy phasesam 1

Stay on Track with Johnny Franchise’s Best Practices

Johnny has helped hundreds of franchisees in dozens of brands to get clarity, make progress and improve results.

His 30+ years of experience in franchising give him an insider’s perspective like none other. Learn firsthand what it takes to succeed as a franchisee, with hands-on coaching at the end of the program to help you in your journey.

Where Do You Fit in the Franchise Lifecycle?

From your first steps as a franchisee to expanding into multiple locations and brands, Johnny guides you through it all. Each video module teaches you how to think like a leader in order to build your business and enjoy steady growth.

Icon of a parent holding a toddler in the air in the Franchise Lifecycle


New franchisees have to crawl before they walk. Build a solid foundation by implementing your franchise system.

Icon of a parent standing with their teenager in the Franchise Lifecycle


The early years of business can be dangerous. Work smart through your teenage rebellion and start to build equity.

Icon of an adult with their franchise family in the Franchise Lifecycle


Once you’re established, it’s time to expand. Uncover strategies to stay profitable and build your empire.

Icon of grandparents with their whole family in the Franchise Lifecycle


You’ve reached the top, but the work’s not over. Learn to shift your mindset and develop a lasting legacy.

The Franchise Lifecycle Program by Johnny Franchise


  • Watch 4 inspiring modules that help you through every step of the Franchise Lifecycle, with a self-paced format to work around your busy schedule.
  • Take 4 quick surveys that help Johnny to understand your goals and challenges so you can secure long-term success and profitability.
  • Get 1-hour of personalized coaching with Johnny to strategize and discuss your next steps of growth.
  • Focus on building your franchise and leaving a strong legacy with a risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee.
Video images from the Franchise Lifecycle by Johnny Franchise, surrounded by a graphic wheel of each phase

The Franchise Lifecycle series is an outstanding program and I cannot recommend it highly enough! The information helped me make it through the toddler phase while also providing me with some great insight and things to think about as I plan for future stages.

John Francis did an outstanding job as our keynote speaker for this year’s virtual conference! He hit a home run with us! His message was perfect timing for our group, especially during COVID. John was well-prepared, understood our brand, our culture and our desired outcomes.

When we were preparing for our national virtual conference last fall, we were given access to your previous Franchise Lifecycle Program videos. Reviewing them was helpful in advance of the conference. I thought the parallel to the human life cycle was simple and understandable, so I was glad to see that concept did not change.

I could see a shift in our franchisees after just 90 minutes with John Francis. He offered up clear, concise best practices for our franchisees during our annual conference, and he was able to relate to each and every one of them – no matter where they happen to be in their franchisee lifecycle.

John is an excellent panelist or speaker for any franchise related event. We have tapped into his knowledge for a few events and are always impressed with his contribution. He is always well prepared, and has experience from the franchisor executive team, franchisee, and various board positions.

We have gained an amazing wealth of knowledge and connections from Johnny Franchise. No one is more connected, has a better track record, or more experience than Johnny. I could not think more highly of him.

I am so fortunate to tap into John's wealth of information and experience. I often find myself thinking, ‘What would John Francis do?’ I trust his opinion and decision-making in every facet of franchising implicitly.

The content John discussed at our franchisee events made a definite impact. His presentation was revelatory, with ideas for improving business and reassurances that issues can be overcome.